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Message from the CEO

Thailand is the only country in South East Asia which was not colonized by the West. Hence, the country pursued the path of industrialization early on. Fast forward to the present day, Thailand enjoys a robust position as the top industrialized nation in ASEAN.

Despite Thailand not being a resource-rich nation, the country boasts a strong economy and ranks high in terms of socio-economic indicators in comparison to their ASEAN neighbors. Additionally, Thailand has a geographic advantage as it is strategically located in the center of ASEAN – rendering it an optimal conduit for those seeking to invest in the region.

The Thai economy has maintained its growing economy, with statistics showing around 3 – 4% economic growth.

In 2018, the U.S News & World Report L.P classified Thailand in the 8th place as “The Top Best Countries to Invest In”, basing the positing on a report published by the World Bank. The report revealed that five ASEAN nations made it to the top 10 countries worth investing. This demonstrates that there remains a strong interest and potential for investment ventures in Thailand and the region.           

I have worked for over thirteen years at KPMG where I helped clients with managing their financial auditing and M&A related solutions. I am more than happy to support you in your corporate endeavors and in adding value to various dimensions of your organization.

– CEO/Managing Director Mr. Yusuke Okuno

Asia M&A Partner Company Limited was founded to meet the needs initiated by economic growth and changes. We aspire to lead the way in linking Thai firms with companies worldwide in a robust manner to meet the challenges facing diversifying markets. Equipped with a strong insight and acumen of the global market, AMAP seeks to assist firms and companies alike in their quest to grow their businesses and acquire new investments.

Business Acquisition Mediator

We operate as a facilitator between global companies seeking to acquire and develop new market opportunities within the respective industries in Thailand and vice versa.

Business Portfolio Creation

AMAP aims to broaden your business opportunities and assist you in achieving corporate milestones.

Assess and Evaluate Potential
Industry Opportunities

AMAP actively seeks, assess, and evaluates companies that would best align with your corporate aims and purposes.

M&A Consultation

Our expertise and professionalism will facilitate superior management of your business.

Our Service

Asia M&A Partner is a full-fledged independent firm with robust networks and connections with leading Thai companies. We are well connected and maintain a strong relationship with companies in Japan, Philippines and Malaysia to name a few. We do not have any political affiliations.

Yusuke Okuno has gained the trust and confidence of those whom he worked with thereby positively impacting the wide variety of industries such as:

Food and Beverage


Information Technology


Internet Systems


Retail Supermarkets

Wholesale Business

and Electonic Parts

Pet Foods

Human Resources

Manpower Business


Appliances Stores


SNS Internet

Let us know how our wide ranging service can help you achieve your corporate goals.

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